About AFL Masters Vic Country

AFL Masters is Football for those players over 35 years of age who enjoy their footy and want to keep playing in a non-competitive environment.

Vic Country AFL Masters football clubs are located across the State. You will find our Masters teams in most parts of the state, from Kerang/Swan Hill in the North West, across to Albury/Wodonga, Gippsland and across to Ballarat our 15 clubs are spread far and wide for everyone to get involved. And as our league grows, so too does the opportunity for more regions to get involved

The most important aspect of our game is “FOOTBALL FOR FUN”. As such, Vic Country doesn’t play for points; have a ladder and/or finals.

Egos are left at home. Criticism of other player’s performance, abilities etc. are not on. We are all here to do our best and have fun.

Remember at our age, it is not how many games you win, but how many games you play. For this reason, we have modified rules and modified attitudes to playing in order to minimize the risk of injury and keep us enjoying our great game longer.